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I am nineteen-years old.  I am a content creator. I am a writer. I am committed to sharing the voices and stories of the underrepresented. I am a student at Wellesley College. I am obsessed with politics– both here and abroad. I am a believer and practitioner of hard work and ambition. This is what I have done, but there is a much more to come.



content creation

I am committed to sharing the voices and stories of the underrepresented. From issues facing women and girls globally to youth voices and marginalized communities, I believe in the power of storytelling.


Summer of 2015, I was invited to travel to Rwanda with the U.S. Department of State for a women in STEM camp, while there the AOL. Foundation invited me to chronicle my experience on the Huffington Post. Fall of 2015, I joined the HuffPost team full-time and continued writing for the UN Foundation's Girl Up campaign. In 2016, I joined the Political Storm team as a contributing writer and also began writing for MTV Founders. In the autumn of 2016, I received the UN Association of the U.S.'s writing fellowship for the +SocialGood Summit in New York City, and began writing for Girls' Globe as a guest blogger. I am a content editor of two publications at Wellesley College: GenerAsians, which covers  and The International Relations Council Journal, which features academic papers written on international affairs. 


Contributions, quotes & features

In the fall of 2016, I was featured on Think Out Loud,  a program on Oregon Public Broadcasting, to talk about my generation and the American Dream. 


women in the world

My passion for serving and supporting women in the world started young. Growing up, my family motto was "be safe, be kind, be happy, have fun." But I always noticed that the world wasn't as safe or kind to women. All I wanted was for everyone (but particularly women) to live in a world where we could be safe, be kind, be happy and have fun. As I have grown up, I have worked with amazing organizations to promote women's rights and gender equality everywhere. 


From 2015 to 2016 I served on the national Teen Advisor board for the United Nations Foundation's Girl Up Campaign. I also led the Girl Up Oregon Coalition from 2016-2017. 

Along with my work at the UN Foundation, I also worked as a teen liaison for the United Nations Association of America to build more programs for youth and young professionals. I serve on the communications committee for the national United Nations Association. And in 2016 I joined the board of UNA Portland to expand their programming and promote national initiatives on the local level.


In the summer of 2015, I went to Rwanda with the United States Department of State for three and a half weeks to promote women in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics). While in Rwanda, I prototyped a solar powered wifi hotspot, which I later presented to the First Lady of Rwanda, Jeanette Kagme.


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